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Support me as I take on the Challenge for former foster youth and their educational goals!  I've already covered my race costs, so your entire donation goes toward Orangewood Foundation’s educational support that includes college scholarships, mentorships, and more! Together, we can help Orangewood prepare foster and community youth to reach their greatest potential!  The event is going to be a true test of my physical and mental abilities. While you can’t help me with that, you can help me achieve my fundraising goal. Making a donation is a lot easier than participating in the race!


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My Goal

On September 15th, I am competing in the 3rd Annual Orangewood Adventure Challenge to raise money for vital support and services for former foster youth, including college scholarships. Along with my three teammates, I will be running, mountain biking, kayaking, and completing a few surprise elements over a 25-mile course on Catalina Island. For this event, each Challenger makes a $2,000 tax-deductible donation to Orangewood Foundation and is asked to raise an additional $8,000 for Orangewood through sponsorships from family, friends and colleagues.

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DONATIONS / Messages of Support

Optima Tax Relief $2,000 7/1/2018 Race Entry
Harry Langenberg $2,500 8/16/2018 Go Team Optima!!
Grace Gallagher $100 8/20/2018 Go Harry!! What a great cause, have fun with your team!
Conor Kinney $50 8/20/2018
Tedd Barr $2,500 8/23/2018 Good luck team Optima!
Greg Cynaumon $125 8/24/2018 Go Team Optima!
Pradyut Shah $150 8/27/2018 1333 Diamond Street
Joan Langenberg $2,000 8/27/2018
Pradyut Shah $150 8/27/2018
Harry H. Langenberg $1,000 8/27/2018
Austin Barzantny $500 9/4/2018
Ken and Barb Michelini $625 9/6/2018
Alexan Momdjian $25 9/7/2018
Jasmine Thomas $25 9/10/2018 Make us proud!
Tim Lin $13 9/10/2018
Heidi Wyble $13 9/10/2018
Kevin Romine $25 9/11/2018 Keep up the wonderful work you are doing!
Neal Nathani $125 9/11/2018 Go Team Optima!
William Baskin $250 9/11/2018 From the Team at
Valerie Langenberg $2,000 9/14/2018 Go Harry!
Chul Yim $100 9/14/2018 Hizzle!!!

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