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Support me as I take on the Challenge for former foster youth who want to attend college!  I've already covered my race costs, so your entire donation goes toward Orangewood Foundation college scholarships.  Together, we can help Orangewood prepare foster and community youth to reach their greatest potential!  The event is going to be a true test of my physical and mental abilities. While you can’t help me with that, you can help me achieve my fundraising goal. Making a donation is a lot easier than participating in the race!


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My Goal

On September 16th, I am competing in the 2nd Annual Orangewood Adventure Challenge to raise money for college scholarships for former foster youth. Along with my three teammates, I will be running, mountain biking, kayaking, and completing a few surprise elements over a 25-mile course on Catalina Island. For this event, each Challenger makes a $2,000 tax-deductible donation to Orangewood Foundation and is asked to raise an additional $8,000 for Orangewood through sponsorships from family, friends and colleagues.

If at all possible, please consider sponsoring me and contributing to the great work of Orangewood Foundation. More details on Orangewood are below. A donation of any amount will be appreciated.


Orangewood Foundation is one of the leading providers of services to current and former foster youth. Its mission is to prepare foster and community youth to reach their greatest potential. They help almost 2,000 foster and community youth annually prepare for independent adulthood.

Without guidance, encouragement and resources these teens are unprepared to make the transition from foster care to self-sufficient adulthood. Within 18 months 40-50% become homeless and unemployed. Orangewood programs focus on four critical areas: health & wellness, housing, life skills & employment, and education. They meet a broad array of needs: from groceries and a hot meal, to transitional housing, to life skills workshops and employment leads, to our innovative Samueli Academy charter high school and scholarships for college and graduate school. Click here to read more about the four service areas.

Beyond the programs, for thousands of youth in our community Orangewood means “family,” “opportunity” and “hope.”

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DONATIONS / Messages of Support

Eric Peterson $100 8/14/2017
Anonymous $25 8/14/2017
Anonymous $150 8/14/2017
Mike Reichert $100 8/14/2017
Victoria Boegh $50 8/14/2017 Good luck!
Pete Rodriguez $100 8/14/2017 Nice job! Good luck out there.
Diana McCutchen $100 8/14/2017
Todd Nakamoto $100 8/15/2017
Pete and Jen Buchheim $100 8/15/2017
Lisa Clark $100 8/16/2017 Goodluck
Vito Francone $100 8/16/2017 good luck Troy!
Marilyn Vasquez $100 8/16/2017 Sounds like an amazing organization. We are happy to support you in this challenge. Good luck to you and your team! Marilyn and Ruben
Poppy Moore $50 8/16/2017 Go Troy!
David Edquist $50 8/21/2017
Jeff Wax $100 8/21/2017 Go Team!!
Derek O'Neill $100 8/21/2017 Good luck from across the pond!
Lorrie Achee $25 8/21/2017
Louis Burgener $250 8/21/2017
Wolfe Tone $100 8/22/2017
Kent Harada $100 8/22/2017
Darren Seidel $100 8/22/2017
Valerie Hardman $50 8/22/2017 Good Luck Troy!!!! Sending my love!
Jennifer Boyer $25 8/18/2017 You guys are awesome!!!!!!
Avi Kamienny $25 8/16/2017
Joseph Chianese $250 8/23/2017 Great cause! I'm envious of the challenge! Good luck! Joe
Gene Zagala $100 8/23/2017
Mary Cummings $100 8/23/2017 Go Troy! You got this!
Brian Rose $200 8/16/2017
Wyson & Company $200 8/24/2017
Marcus Covas $100 8/24/2017 Go get em T!
Anonymous $250 8/24/2017
Val Lyon $30 8/24/2017
Randy Thompson $50 8/25/2017
Michael Wofford $100 8/25/2017
Chad Zdenek $100 8/25/2017
Derek Hoyt $100 8/25/2017 Good luck!
Diana Cappel $100 8/28/2017 Good Cause . Stay Safe
Michael Slattery $50 8/28/2017
T'Shaka Lee $500 8/28/2017 Thanks for thinking of me
Colleen Bacchus $500 8/29/2017 Good luck Troy!!
Jeffrey & Bonnie Dankberg $500 8/30/2017 Good luck Troy!
Michele Stratton $100 8/31/2017 Go Troy!
Franklin and Barbara Varenchik $500 8/31/2017
Ron Varenchik $50 9/5/2017 Go get it cuz!
Jonathan Varenchik $100 9/5/2017 You're going to rock it!
Jeremy Lipshy $25 8/28/2017
Ara Anoshiravani $34 9/5/2017
Daniel Maguire $100 9/8/2017
Troy Varenchik $2,000 8/25/2017 Registration
Anthony Stobart $50 9/11/2017 Good luck Troy and best wishes, Anthony
Nitai Pathak $100 9/11/2017
Summer Taylor $50 9/11/2017
Bina Patel $51 9/11/2017
Nicole Bullock $25 9/11/2017
Becky Harshberger $100 9/11/2017 You got this Troy! Looking forward to hearing about it! Becky
Rocco & Gaylene Cascione $50 9/11/2017 Go Troy and team!!!
James Chergey $100 9/12/2017
Don Crawford $50 9/12/2017
Marshall Solomon $125 9/12/2017
Rebecca Colbert $50 9/12/2017
Dan Mathiesen $50 9/12/2017 Shark bait! Good luck
Allan Dicks $50 9/12/2017 Best of luck Troy, sounds grueling
Jonathan Traub $300 9/11/2017 You guys are nuts
Anonymous $100 9/13/2017
Ian Britton $100 9/13/2017 Go get em Troy!
Debbie Vogel $25 9/13/2017 Good luck, Troy!
Craig Sawin $100 9/13/2017 Best wishes Troy!
Brian Selander $50 9/13/2017
Victor Fann $100 9/13/2017
Robert Baumhardt $100 9/13/2017
Michael L Harding $25 9/15/2017
Kathy DeLay $100 9/15/2017 What a great organization to support. Have fun!!!
Richard Stephens $25 9/15/2017
Dennis Neveu $75 9/20/2017

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