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Support us as we take on the Challenge for the educational goals of former foster youth!  We’ve already covered our race costs, so your entire donation goes toward Orangewood Foundation’s vital educational support and services, including college scholarships.  Together, we can help Orangewood prepare foster and community youth to reach their greatest potential!  The event is going to be a true test of our physical and mental abilities. While you can’t help us with that, you can help us achieve our fundraising goal. Making a donation is a lot easier than participating in the race!


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DONATIONS / Messages of Support

Pledgeling Foundation $744 3/20/2018 Party Guests
Pledgeling Foundation $108 4/24/2018 Party Guests
Marc Freeman $100 9/6/2018 60 Chestnut Drive
Tom Della Badia $250 9/6/2018 A great cause. Good luck Andy! Tom & Ann Marie
Andy & Susan Phillips $2,000 9/7/2018 Race Entry
Randy Berg $250 9/10/2018
Jim Moise $250 9/10/2018
David Wolf $250 9/10/2018
Keith Duggan $500 9/10/2018
Michael Borchard $500 9/11/2018
Nancy and Gary Cremo $500 9/12/2018
Robert Smith $500 9/13/2018
Steven Acevedo $1,000 9/14/2018
Mark Ontiveros $100 9/17/2018 Great job Andy!
Gregory Thomas $5,000 9/17/2018 Good luck from all your supporters at Rare Collectibles TV. You are a true inspiration to us! GT
William Chambers $100 9/20/2018
Ron Zayas $250 9/21/2018 Pass your quota, way to go.
Karl and Marilyn Hardesty $250 10/3/2018
David Ferrera $500 10/4/2018
Marc and Rechelle Wolff $2,000 9/28/2018
Marc and Rechelle Wolff $2,000 9/28/2018
Pledgeling Foundation $744 3/20/2018 Party Guests
Pledgeling Foundation $108 4/24/2018 Party Guests
Dennis Owen $1,000 8/29/2018 Thank god the evite was just looking for sponsorships, at first I thought you wanted me to run!!! Great cause, I know others who are involved. Hope you, Andy and the family are well.
Jack Wolff $500 8/29/2018
Jana Perkins $50 8/29/2018 I wish we could join you!! Would love to be a part of this!! Sorry we cannot attend, however we would love to contribute to your amazing cause!! Good luck in your journey!!
Beth Hopkins $100 9/5/2018 Go Sue! So proud of you. Love, Beth
Andy & Susan Phillips $2,000 9/7/2018 Race Entry
Kimberly DiGiovanni $20 8/30/2018 Go Susan and Andy!
Shannon Argyros $500 9/4/2018 You Go Girl!
Malinda Huber $10 9/10/2018
Kenny Brook $50 9/10/2018 Go get 'em Susan! Have fun!
Mary Phillips $50 9/10/2018
Dana Rodriguez $150 9/11/2018
Stacy Blaugrund $50 9/11/2018
Noelle Phillips $20 9/11/2018
Jaime Weber $100 9/12/2018 Good Luck! Thanks for doing this for the kids!
Donald Bendall $100 9/13/2018
Shannon Woolgar $50 9/13/2018 Have a great time on Catalina Island and with out for the rouge buffalo.
Sandra Bendall $100 9/13/2018 Love you girl. I'm proud of your commitment to help the community and what a better way of doing it than a marathon. Wow very intimidating and scary for me. Besos
Daniel Chlebowski $100 9/14/2018
Erica Seigred $25 9/14/2018

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