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Support us as we take on the Challenge for the educational goals of former foster youth!  We’ve already covered our race costs, so your entire donation goes toward Orangewood Foundation’s vital educational support and services, including college scholarships.  Together, we can help Orangewood prepare foster and community youth to reach their greatest potential!  The event is going to be a true test of our physical and mental abilities. While you can’t help us with that, you can help us achieve our fundraising goal. Making a donation is a lot easier than participating in the race!


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Adam Mikkelsen $4,000 9/10/2018
Anonymous $1,000 9/11/2018
John Hueston $2,000 9/11/2018
Damon Lines $500 9/11/2018
Doug Dossey $500 9/11/2018
David Frosh $168 9/11/2018
Herman Artinian $100 9/12/2018
Dave Sugden $500 9/12/2018
Josh Speyer $332 9/13/2018 Kick ass.
Chris Mitchell $200 9/14/2018
Vatche Artinian $250 9/14/2018 6024 Lido Ln
Sanjay Voleti $200 9/14/2018
Calnetix Technologies, LLC $250 9/14/2018 Calnetix supports Adam!
Dan Rodrigues $200 9/17/2018
Alex & Cathy Giza $300 9/18/2018
Adam Mikkelsen $2,000 9/10/2018
David Frosh $166 9/11/2018
Adam Mikkelsen $2,000 9/10/2018
David Frosh $166 9/11/2018

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